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注射针接头  Syringe Adaptor Mould
In stock 
注射针接头 产品规格:注射针接头 产品描述:塑胶原料 产品说明:1出48穴,热流道转冷流道模具,两点入水Syringe Adaptor Mould Product material: plastic material Syringe Mould Cavities: 48 cavity Product description: hot runner into cold runner , 2 point sub-gate
Group: Materials and completing medical
公仔  Toy mould
In stock 
公仔 产品描述:塑胶原料 两板模具,拨铜精铸,产品成型后喷油加丝印Toy mould Product description: plastic material PVC 2-plate mould, Be-Cu machine, paint spraying and silk screen
Group: Molds for casting of plastics
注塑型橡胶模具  Injection Rubber Mould
In stock 
注塑型橡胶模具 说明:产品描述:塑胶原料: TPE 大水口套入水,推板,施力推模 Injection Rubber Mould Product description: plastic material TPE direct gate,stripper plate
Group: Molds
吹塑类产品  Blow mould
In stock 
吹塑类产品 产品规格:瓶子 产品说明: 塑胶原料: PP PE 产品说明:可做各种挤压型吹塑产品及注塑型吹塑模具 Blow Mould Technical characteristics: bottle Material: plastic Product description:producing different types of blow moulds Professional manufacturing of blow moulds. High-quality blow moulds on competitive prices.
Group: Blown forms
汽车保险杆  Bumper Mould
In stock 
注射针接头 产品描述:塑胶原料 产品说明:两板模具,热流道模具 Bumper Mould Product material: plastic material Bumper mould parameters: Bumper moulding material: PP+EPDM+T20 Bumper dimensions: 1670*690*561 mm Bumper wall thickness: 3.5 mm Bumper mould moulding cycle time: 45s
Group: Vehicle spare parts


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